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Hey guys — Just wanted to say, great work so far; the story is intriguing & original in all the right ways. Two quick questions on how to spend more money: 1.) Are there any plans to print the DHP stories as a (paper) #0 issue? Please? 2.) I missed out on the t-shirts in a size that'd fit me, but any chance you'll be making patches of the campaign designs at any point? Thanks for the yarns! — Jason Hart

The DHP stories will appear in the first collected edition (next month).  No plans for a #0 issue on paper.  It exists as a 99 cent digital download.

I’ll have another shirt on sale shortly, keep watching my twitter feed.  No plans for patches right now, but maybe soon.


In a landmark preliminary agreement between the Crown government of New Zealand and the Whanganui iwi people, the Whanganui River, New Zealand’s third longest river, was granted legal personhood status in august 2012.
The agreement recognizes the river and all its tributaries as a single entity, Te Awa Tupua, and makes it a legal entity with rights and interests, and the owner of its own river bed.
Two guardians, one from the Crown and one from the Whanganui iwi, will be given the role of protecting the river.
The goal of the strategy will be to ensure the long-term environmental, social, cultural and economic health and wellbeing of the river.

Read the article here and here

Thanks to Natalia for sending this.

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22.189948,114.182968 // HONG KONG


I’d been to Hong Kong several times in my life.  Six times while with Blackbell and liaisoning with British SAS.  One time after the 1997 handover, and then seven times as part of Ninth Wave operations.  HK is gloriously messy, humid, and equal parts modern cosmopolitan and medieval.  I have an arrest warrant

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